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Our commitments

Lille Healthcare is committed to informing you about the production of Lille Healthcare products, to being totally transparent about their components and to sharing its sustainability and environmental values.

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Lille Healthcare products are mainly made in France and Belgium at the Dourges and Buggenhout sites. We would like to offer you the chance to discover more closely the different production sites to have an overview of the places and the way in which our products are made.

Of the 41 products that make up the Lille Healthcare range:

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31 are made in France, at our Dourges site

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7 are made in Belgium at our Buggenhout or Eeklo sites

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2 are made in Italy, at our Ortona site

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1 is made in Denmark

Where is my Lille product made?

100% breathable
None of 26 allergens

Safe for the skin

Our entire Lille range does not contain any of the 26 EU allergens and is therefore hypoallergenic.

This means that regular dermatological tests are carried out by independent laboratories to ensure that the use of our pads minimises the risk of skin intolerance.

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Our packaging

For hygiene reasons, our products are packaged in bags, which are themselves packaged in boxes. But Lille goes even further; in addition to paying attention to our products’ components, we are also concerned about what our packaging is made of!

Our new packets are made from LDPE (low-density polyethylene), part of which has been recycled during the manufacturing process to limit consumption and optimise their life cycle. This plastic is flexible, shock resistant, waterproof and recyclable.
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Our transport packaging is made of recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard. By recycling the cardboard, we are playing a part in reducing deforestation, but we also conserve other resources, such as the water and energy necessary for its manufacture from wood.Paper/cardboard is the third most recycled material in France. In fact, 65% of paper and cardboard packaging is recycled, but this figure can be improved further thanks to individual efforts. This starts with sorting packaging!

Our sustainable and environmental values

Lille Healthcare is committed, through concrete actions, to better manufacturing, for every individual, user or employee and for the planet.

Our production

We are proud to mostly manufacture in France and Belgium, at ISO 14001 certified production sites using green energy.

Conscious of the importance of environmental issues, as well as industrial ones, our manufacturing sites’ management systems have been certified by external accredited organisms - this certification is based on the principle of continuous improvement of the environmental performance by controlling the impacts linked to the business' work.
In 2019, 70% of our electricity was renewable, taking 2018 as a base year. That same year, we switched to solar energy for our Eeklo factory in Belgium, which we have equipped with 7200 solar panels. As such, more than 2GWh was able to be supplied. Our objective is to supply 100% renewable energy by 2030.
Our PEFC accreditation

We exclusively use PEFC pulp in our Lille products’ absorbent pad: The fluff pulp is one of main components used in an absorbent product. In reality, it is made of cellulose fibres derived from wood pulp. This 100% natural raw material is subject to defibration before being combined with other components to form an absorbent hygiene product.

Today, the world’s forests are seriously threatened by deforestation. At Lille Healthcare, we want to promote and actively support sustainable forest and land management to reduce and eliminate these threats. That’s why we buy the raw material necessary for our production from PEFC-certified suppliers.

A sustainably managed forest is a forest:

that respects and maintains its biodiversity

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whose soil and water are respected

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which is healthy and renews itself

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which benefits the whole society: wood resources, carbon sinks, a place to walk and for hobbies

The PEFC certification substantiates the respect of environmental, societal and economical functions of the forest. To know more, www.PEFC.org

Our commitments for 2030

As a manufacturer of hygiene products, we consider that it is important to commit ourselves through concrete actions.

  • 50% reduction of carbon emissions
  • 100% renewable energy on our production sites
Circular economy
  • Reusing our production waste to transform them into reusable resources
  • Increase the amount of renewable and recycled plastic
Sustainable supply chain
  • Promote sustainable forest and land management to eliminate forest degradation and deforestation
  • Advance the well-being of animals in our value chain
Trust and transparency
  • 0 accidents for our employees
  • Improve transparency to consumers, clients and investors by communicating the health/eco characteristics of our products through labels and claims, by supporting them thanks to our expertise regarding the evaluation of the life cycle and by sharing our progress regarding sustainability
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Need information or advice?

At Lille Healthcare, we want to give you all the information you need to choose the best product for you.

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