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Classic Bed product drawing

The Classic range provides a comprehensive range of products with optimal performance.

The Classic Bed pads offer the perfect solution for protecting mattresses and chairs. They can be used in addition to a shaped pad.

Code Size Absorbency Units per bag Bags per box
LFBD8111-03 40x60cm Extra 35 6
LFBD8211 60x60cm Extra 35 6
LFBD8311-03 60x75cm Extra 35 4
LFBD8411 60x90cm Extra 35 4
LFBD8511 180x90cm Extra 30 4
LFBD8221 60x60cm Super 30 6
LFBD8415 60x90cm Super 30 4
LFBD8421 60x90cm Maxi 25 4